The Gnostics of Ancient Times All followed a single method of Cognitive Ecstasy… A method of Trance-Like Learning Process.  You learn in a Trance of Lucidity… not a hypnotic trance, not a Zombie trance… you induce a Heightened Awareness and State of Lucidity where you are Operating at an Optimal Level of your Intelligence and have reached the Peak Level of the Human Mind.

Not only of your own Mind but of the Human Mind itself… The Mind of the Species.

There are things to be known about Humanity and about Nature, the Natural World, the Earth and about the Cosmic situation of the Earth that can only be Known in Ecstasy.

So the Question is… How do you reach that ‘Ecstasy’?

Ecstasy comes in the Presence of Nature & the Earth Itself.

The deeper the Ecstasy goes, the more you feel the totality of the Presence of the Planet… and the presence of the Planet comes back to us with a recovery of Gnostic Teachings and Gnostic Materials.

The Essence of the Sophianic Vision Story of the Mysteries, is the True Story of the Origins of Humanity and the Earth…

Depends on your Love for the Earth for you to Engage it.

The Story itself doesn’t deliver Love…

You Deliver Your Love to The Story…

And then you are in the Game.