Highest spiritual frequencies winding their way into a brand new world.


Mars is heading for opposition with the Chiron Point, pressing on issues of wounding, as it tries to heal and teach us.


Moon will oppose Uranus, Planet of Shocks and Changes.


Shocking revelations… losing what we do not need.


New Moon takes places at the degree of the Galactic Center – “the sculptor’s vision is taking form.”


Divine Will (Thelete, the Sacred Masculine), Divine Wisdom (Sophia, the Sacred Feminine), and humanity unite with The Divine (the Galactic Center) to change the experience on Earth.


“See” in a “prophetic” way… no limits, no boundaries, no restrictions, no negativity.

Expand your perception.




The Sanskrit root vid-, “wisdom, inspired or divine knowledge,” generates the English word wisdom, but also wit. It is perhaps related to the Latin videre, “to see,” which gives us video. (Sanskrit-Latin liaisons are a bit more dubious than Sanskrit-Greek.) It also appears to produce the word “guide”. An on-line etymological dictionary says that guide is from Old French guider, first used textually in 1374, but is further traced to the Germanic root witan “show the way,” from wit- “to know”.

Vid- generates vidya, “production of vid.” All scholars of Asian philosophy, Vedanta, the yoga sutras, Buddhism, etc., translate vidya as wisdom. But the Greek word sophia also means wisdom. The Online Etymological Dictionary says that sophia is from sophos, “of unknown origin.” Sophia yields no direct linguistic resemblance tovidya, yet sophia and vidya both have exactly the same meaning.


The earth-touching gesture of Shakyamuni at the moment of his enlightenment speaks volumes. Without the blessing of the earth, there is no foundation for Buddhahood. Without the acknowledgement of the feminine divinity of the earth, under whatever name, be it Prithivi or Sthavara or Sophia, no human being can receive or sustain full awakening to the nature of mind. The earth goddess, the mind of nature, enables realization of the nature of mind. The living presence of the earth goddess actually grounds that supreme realization. Even though the legend of the Buddhas appearing through time does not include a single human woman who attains enlightenment, Buddhism is the godchild of gynocentric mysticism, the favored offspring of Asian goddess religion

All the male gods led by Brahma called upon the Goddess or Mahadevi to confront the demon, reclaim the Vedas, and save humanity from annihilation by drought. To do so, the Goddess emanated from her body the ten Mahavidyas, the Ten Great Wisdoms. Maha is the Sanskrit word for “great, supreme.” All ten Mahavidyas are forms of the Goddess herself, but of these ten there is one who focalizes her fury: Kali. As the head deity of the group, Kali defeats Durgama and acquires the name Durga, “invincible,” denoting her fierce warrior aspect. (Below: Typical image of Durga, the warrior goddess.)

At the head of the group is Kali herself, who contains and emanates the other nine Mahavidyas. The usual order for the goddesses in the Cluster is:

Kali1Kali: power of eternal time in the instant, Kala

Tara: passage beyond time, deliverance

Shodashi: generation of beauty in time; also called Sundari

Bhuvaneshvari: fruition of time in sensory forms

Chinnamasta: awareness beyond self-bound sense of time

Bhairavi: annihilating tide of time

Dhumavati: closure of time, extinction

Bagala: illusion of time, the passing moment; also called Bagalamukti

Matangi: mastery of past and present, beyond temporal causality

Kamala: total beautification of each moment


With Kali, the power of the entire ocean rises into the rippling waves.

This goddess uniquely represents our capacity for a non-ordinary experience of time that obliterates the habitual sense of past and future, even the habitual sense of the present. “Kali is the Shakti of Kala,” the power of the Instant: intensive, non-transient time. Kala is this instant, right now, but encountered as the Instant, the still moment in Eternal Time. It is quite different from what we experience as the passing moment, for the Instant does not pass.

Planetary Tantra is Kala Tantra, the practice of observing and entering the Instant.

Many of the practices of Kala Tantra are improvised in the moment they are performed. And the results of those practices are almost instantaneous. This factor of instantaneousness makes Kala Tantra unique, radical, and direct.

The Mahavidyas are generous in granting boons and occult powers to their devotees, including the power to kill, paralyze, and render deaf and dumb, cast spells on people, or get anything you want out of anyone.

These female divinities have a lot to do with magic and nothing to do with maternity. “They have little or no connection with motherhood, fecundity, and growth… They are not depicted as mothers, and they are rarely referred to by maternal epithets. The Mahavidyas are seldom worshipped for progeny or fecundity… They are almost always depicted or described without reference to a [male] consort”


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