• Superhumanly acute senses, enhanced strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability, healing, and reflexes.
  • Mastery in martial arts styles that belong to no known disciplines.
  • Augmented physical attributes as well as a endowed with immunity to mystical attacks and detection in order defeat the Wetiko Virus.
  • Senses so powerful that can pick up a prey’s scent and memorize tens of thousands of individual ones.
  • Carries the power and knowledge of all the past Black Jaguar Ancestors as well as the ability to control the undead.
  • Each mystical attack  absorbed only serves to strengthen the Black Jaguar
 Camaraderie, courage & a cause worth fighting for, will always mark the heart of a Warrior.SEEINGWETIKO
Wetiko hides in darkness. Conscious awareness brings it into the light
Once we see it, in ourselves and the world around us we can know it, and tame it.


(n) It is a zoöanthropomorphic entity, like the werewolf (loup-garou) of Western lore, a human being who transforms or shapeshifts into the jaguar.
There is a South American myth that the ancient dwellers of the forest called runauturuncu. This name is formed with two Quechua words: runa(man) and uturuncu (jaguar). 
The Black Jaguar: (n) (Tupi, jaguara) (1) Described as a “leopard on steroids,” the jaguar is the largest of the cats of the New World.
  • Comes from a pre-Incan civilization, the Chavin, who had cat-like depictions all over their holy sites. 
  • Symbol of authority and one’s prowess in hunting and battle, as well as an integral part of mythology and a powerful spirit companion for shamans
  • Protects the shaman from evil spirits and when they move between the earth and the spirit realm.


In order for the shaman to combat whatever evil forces may be maligning him, or those who rely on the shaman for protection, it is necessary for the shaman to transform himself and crossover to the spirit realm.

The jaguar is often chosen as a nagual because of its strength, for it is necessary that the shaman dominate the spirits, in the same way as a predator dominates its prey.

The jaguar is said to possess the transient ability of moving between worlds because of its comfort in the trees and the water, their ability to hunt as well in the nighttime as in the daytime, and their habit of sleeping in caves, places often associated with the deceased ancestors.



The concept of the transformation of the shaman is well documented in Mesoamerica and South America, and is demonstrated through the prominence of the runauturuncu, and other sculpture illustrating jaguar transformation

Throughout South America the feline is believed to be the alter ego of the shaman.



nagual, nahual (Nahuatl):
(1) (n) A nagual is a person with a double energy configuration.
A man with an ego is driven by psychological desires. The nagual has none. He receives orders from some ineffable source that cannot be discussed.
A nagual cannot be offended, jealous, possessive — he can’t be anything.  A conduit of the spirit.
The nagual is a non-entity.
One of the two aspects of the shaman’s relationship is between man and beast.
There’s a perennial force that exists in the universe, like gravity. It’s not a psychological state. It is a confluence of forces … It is felt when there are no longer any attachments. 
The unknown, as opposed to the tonal, which is the known. 
Excursions into the nagual are personal and private. They cannot be described. The nagual can only be witnessed; it is indescribable.
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The nagual is where power hovers.
The Nagual describes the technique of shapeshifting and the sorcerers who had learned its secrets; such individuals were greatly feared.
For a while after birth we are all nagual. But we sense that the tonal, which is needed in order to function, is missing. This gives us a lingering feeling of incompleteness.
Then the tonal begins to develop, eventually becoming so important that it overwhelms the nagual.
tonal: (n) (1) Consensual or ordinary reality.
The tonal is the counterpart of the nagual.
The tonal is the social person and the organizer of the individual’s world.
Perhaps the best way to describe its monumental work is to say that on its shoulders rests the task of setting the chaos of the world in order.
  • Mastery in The Shadow Arts
  • Flanked by a wide array of scientists, warriors, and mystics.
  • Skilled hunter- tracker-strategist
  • Granted the strength and knowledge of every past Black Jaguar.


(n) The ecstatic flight of the shaman;


The taking of one’s consciousness and luminous body into non-ordinary reality, into the unknown, the nagual. 

This is often done to acquire information, to effect distance healing, or for pleasure.

The journey may include spiritual shapeshifting. Becoming an animal is common.

The spirit separates itself from the body to make flights of vision and materializes in other beings, in a saint, a mountain, an ancient shrine, and so on.

In a series of manifestations in agreement with the charm or spell or place of the task or the symbology of which one is thinking: a lion, tiger, horse, bird, mountain, lagoon, stream, saint, herb, possibly even a demon.

This highly subjective inner experience does not blot out objective conscious perception; all of the five physical senses and a “vision”  separated, more remote in the sense that one can look at things that go far beyond the ordinary or that have happened in the past or can happen in the future.

Visionary, ecstatic magical flight is the mark of the true shaman of all times and places.

The shamanic journey is in three phases:

  • The shaman sets forth from the realm of the mundane;
  • he then journeys to the supernatural and returns.
  • Always the passage involves these three destinations or locations . . .
    • The shaman travels to the edge of the social order each time he undertakes these journeys.
    • He enters non-form, the underlying chaos of the unconceptualized domain which has not yet been made a part of the cosmos by the cultural activity of naming and defining.
    • With each crossing over, he gains power, as do all persons who travel to the edges of order, for . . . such contacts with the boundaries of conceptualization are sources of power as well as danger.
    • Shamans are liminal people, at the thresholds of form, forever betwixt and between
Shamanic magical flight is the ability of certain individuals to leave their bodies at will, and to travel “in the spirit” through the three cosmic regions [the Three Worlds]. . .
By his ecstasy the shaman renders himself equal to the gods, to the dead and to the spirits; the ability to “die” and come to life again — that is, voluntarily to leave and to reenter the body — denotes that he has surpassed the human condition.
“The vine of the soul”

ayahuasca, ayawaska:

(n) (1) (bot)A kind of liana of the Amazon region; Banisteriopsis caapi. The ayahuasca vine has a grasshopper, a chicua and a snake as its visible mamas. 

“The vine of the soul” also referred to as “the vine of the death” and “the vine that connects the world of the living to the world of the dead,” this vine being Banisterious Caapi; a plant spirit medicine containing said vine, the chacruna tree leaf, and sometimes several other plants;

Expands the consciousness and integrates mind and body while harmonizing the individual with nature, so it is respectfully addressed as Madre Ayahuasca. 

(2) A psychedelic brew made in part from this vine, whose active ingredient is harmine, that allows one to be guided beyond the realms of death.  Also called yagé.

(n) From saman, one who knows.
One defining characteristic of a shaman is the capacity for, and ability to induce, profound transcendent experiences.
These ecstatic trances create a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms.
Shamans are linked to indigenous healing practices that involve some form of ecstatic trance, which acts as a catalyst for mediation between the physical and spiritual realms.
The shaman has an uncommon capacity for the mystical.
Shamanism is essentially mysticism in action.
It is the role of the shaman to hold the community in ritual and to be consulted for the spiritual and healing needs of individuals in that community.
A man or woman who travels to the parallel worlds where time and space have no meaning and who uses the powers of those worlds, the subconscious, and the realities of this world to cause change.
Shamans can alter a person’s health, the weather, or the relationship between a community and its surroundings.
A man or woman, initiated into a lineage, who enters an altered state of consciousness at will.
The shaman does this to contact and utilize a hidden reality  to acquire knowledge and to help others.
The shaman usually works with one or more spirits.

The practice of medicine and other shamanic activities implies tremendous dangers for the person of the shaman.

A common topic of conversation among them is the account of struggles they have been forced to have with rival shamans who are jealous of their powers, or who are trying to prevent the healing of some person they have harmed.
A shaman must protect himself when preparing his remedies, because even the plants themselves might harm him.
That is why seeking protections against such dangers is an extremely important part of the process of learning.
A shaman must be a strong person physically and spiritually.  
Placing oneself above worldly oppositions (e.g., life/death, good/evil, social obligations/individual desires) so as to master or transcend them is key to becoming a shaman.
Shamans are amoral
The shaman is important, primordial, and without substitution in the field of curing.
(n) There are two different forms of shapeshifting:
(1) changing your luminous body to a power animal, and
(2) changing your physical form on the earth plane into an animal.

Based in the premise that everything is energy, and even though we shift into the energy pattern of a tree, we are in essence still the same.


Play by the same rules, value the same goal, stay with the game until it’s over.


Together we can re-invent the way the world works

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Together we can survive

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