The Shroombox by Fungaea: DIY Homegrown Oyster Mushrooms

Shroom Box

The ShroomBox is a fun and rewarding way to grow your own delicious, farm-fresh oyster mushrooms at home in under two weeks. It’s ready to go and requires no green thumb at all. Perfect for anybody with a passion for food or nature, The ShroomBox makes a great gift and a delicious family project!

In addition to oyster mushrooms, Fungaea also offers organic sprout kits. The Shroombox by Fungaea is a great introduction to the growing locavore movement and could serve as important inspiration in starting a full, farm-fresh urban garden at home

-For each kit sold, 5 trees are planted in Madagascar by their partner Eden Reforestation Projects
-The ShroomBox is made with locally sourced, recycled coffee grounds
-They offset our carbon with the help of Bullfrog Power
-100% Recycled cardboard box is FSC certified and printed with vegetable inks
-Inner bag is 100% recyclable