Damming a Sacred River for water to wash coal for Adani’s death trap? WTF?


BE READY TO PROTECT: “We will fight!” says Birri Elder Kenny Dodds….

To all who have been inspired by the One Mob People’s Parliament occupying fed parliament yesterday, can you please watch and share this clip far and wide?!

Uncle Kenny addressed the people yesterday in Canberra about the plight of his Birri People being threatened by Adani coal in Nrth Qld…. He needs our love and support.

He also is one of MANY elders in anguish right now all over the country because of the resource sector destroying their sacred sites for profit.

They cry and often sadly die of broken hearts feeling despair and that nobody cares….

Please care and help raise the views on this clip from 500 to 50000 and give Uncle Kenny and his mob a boost of support. xxik

Birri in traditional language, means river. This is the story of the river people.

Uncle Kenny now fights for this sacred country as he faces the proposal of the Urannah dam wall. The dam would inundate 53 kilometres of his land.