Soil Mate Map

Soil Mate is a social media platform that connects gardening and natural food enthusiasts with all the farms, farmers’ markets, local food establishments, grocers and wineries that carry organic options within a 100mi/160km radius of your search location.

Within the next year, expects to have more than 30,000 farmers signed to the site, to outpace his only competition, and within two to three years see large enough profits to buy up farmland all over North America for Soil Mate farms capable of helping young farmers get a start or neighbourhoods establish community gardens so everyone can grow food.

“What we found was there wasn’t any convenient way to find some very basic information: who grows what, how they do it, when it’s available and how to buy it. ”  – Matt Gomez, Founder

“We’ve leverage all the best available parts of every other type of online system to work for farmers for free because we appreciate the work they do and we want to be able to help them to build a sustainable system for our food,” says Gomez.

The site allows farmers to blog, put up photo galleries, feed in social media and basically use it to replace a website. Once it gets up and running, farmers will have access to the data it produces for free. Social media sites are selling big data to help companies target-market, hone their brands and access consumers like never before, and Gomez sees no reason why the data on his site can’t do the same for farmers.

Soil Mate’s website is an informative source for eco enthusiasts while its corresponding Instagram page offers inspiration to the rest of the world. The platform’s inspiring feed features daily images and quotes about healthy living and the importance of organic food.

Each day, the platform invites everyday individuals, bloggers and companies to submit a quote that is later paired with vivid images. Fostering a sense of community among health-conscious consumers, Soil Mate and its social channels suggest that “life is too good to eat bad food” and that “real food doesn’t have a label.”