Meet 92 year old, Aurora Leveroni, aka ‘Nonna Marijuana’- the Italian medicinal weed chef from northern California. Aurora knows that food is medicine She has a backyard farmacy where she grows various strains of marijuana, which she uses in all her edibles. She runs a  genuine mom and pop, garden to table medical marijuana operation.

Nonna’s signature dish: Chicken Pot-cciatore

Hearty chicken cacciatore gets turnt up with onions, cremini mushrooms, black and green olives, a dash of wine, and weed.

Sage advice about marijuana infusions from Nonna:

To make the infusion, you can use butter, olive oil, or coconut oil (though some patients are allergic to coconut oil, so you must ask). Also, be very careful regarding the amount of marijuana you cook with as it’s a powerful medicinal product. Always start out by using just a little bit and then upping the dosage little by little until you find what’s right for a particular patient.

I had about 75 years of experience in the kitchen before I ever decided to experiment with what I call “nature’s medicinal leaf.” I only started cooking with medical marijuana five years ago. Now I use marijuana as an ingredient in order to help those who are ill and need it to heal themselves, like my daughter Valerie, who uses medical marijuana to control her grand mal seizures.

Nonna not only fully supported her daughter’s use of medical marijuana, she became a medical marijuana advocate for all patients who could benefit from using it.

Valeria explains why marijuana is her medicine of choice: I was suffering a significant number of seizures per day, and I was strung out on pharmaceuticals, they weren’t making any difference. I was desperate, so I started experimenting with medical marijuana and in about 3 1/2 weeks I noticed a difference in my seizures. I stopped taking pharmaceuticals, and started calling cannabis my medicine.

Bong Appetit: Nonna “Queen of Marijuana Cuisine” You Tube Star

This is the first in a series of “how to” You Tube videos Nonna agreed to do for Bong Appetit, a new MUNCHIES show focused on cannabis and cuisine. The focus is on teaching medical marijuana patients, via a visual step by step cooking demonstration, the basics of successfully infusing medical marijuana into  food.