In 1978, Lieutenant Colonel Jim Channon announced that he worked for the planet.

While at the Army War College in Carlisle Barracks, Channon spent two years researching the value of the Human Potential Movement. He created a proto-mythology for the soldier of the future known as “The First Earth Battalion.”  These warrior monks would dedicate their allegiance first and foremost to people and the planet. 

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Jim Channon has always been a strategic and visionary leader. As a commissioned United States Army Lieutenant Colonel during the Vietnam War, he led his combat teams through dense jungles while advising them to move invisibly, and to develop their psychic perception of the enemy’s location by remote viewing. After the war, his superiors tasked him with envisioning a new and evolved “army of the future.” After several years of research, he presented his findings in a booklet titled Evolutionary Tactics to an elite group of military leaders, and they formally initiated him as the commander of The First Earth Battalion. Channon’s story is poetically fictionalized in the film, The Men Who Stare At Goats, in which Jeff Bridges portrays Channon superbly and with rowdy abandon.
My name is Jim Channon. I am a global elder and visionary. I work for the planet. I report to the Galaxy. I am certain that paradise is possible in my lifetime. I try not to forget that I am a divine soul, as are we all, and that I am moving toward God-state at the speed of grace. I will help restore the dreamtime on this world, and want to bridge the planet to the next world. I am a protonaut for the coming ages … and I want to be all I can be.

I am a fortunate man to have lived a life in which I began to awaken during the hell of the Vietnam War. Many decades have passed, and through grace I now reside in a heavenly paradise. I praise creation for these grand experiences. In living passionately, my higher purpose, intuition, vision, prayers, and industry have been fully engaged, and have allowed me to know an authentic sense of meaning. There is great comfort in my soul, and I now have a chance to express my love fully in the sunset years of my time here.

What I have noticed is that even though we, as a modern civilization, have capitalized on our ingenuity and technology, this has occurred largely at the expense of our souls’ satisfaction. During the 20th century we went from riding horses and using hand held telescopes, to riding satellites and peering through cameras into universes, capturing the light of billions of years.

It’s strange that we now have the ability to meet with people located all over the world in virtual worlds with just the click of a finger, but we know almost nothing about love. We can fabricate things out of metal and plastic, but can hardly remember how to bring soil back into vital life. We can access 100 channels of planetary drama on TV, but remain in ignorance about our extraordinary capacity to obtain information beyond time and space. The opportunity before us is to bring those real yet still magical realities into a new experiential world of integrated creation and play.

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I envision a new world created by a revolution of the heart, a state in which true inner knowing integrates completely with bodily experience.

My vision encompasses a sense of expectation for combining love and play together with tools and process skills. We have conceived the essence of such a place … now we are about to fully engage living inside that reality.

Life on planet earth is a frontier of possibility, but even the simplest kinds of work, albeit with a shovel, still contain within it a primal kind of dignity. To bend over a small plot of land, place a seed into the soil for safekeeping, and then watch it come to life is one of the most under-rated experiences of creation.

While it is wonderful that we have developed ways to mass-produce food, we simultaneously robbed several generations of the privilege of creating gardens filled with living and highly nutritious plants, as well as the inner satisfaction that growing your own food provides. This planet is blessed with so much diversity, we should easily be able to eat half from our own gardens, and half from agro-business sources.

The future belongs to no tradition no matter how much power and control certain entities have possessed. National boundaries have artificially limited our ability to create together.

Governments were originally social inventions intended to bring us into a higher level of democracy … but have recently degenerated into bureaucratic incest. Just walk away. They no longer deserve our respect and we no longer need carry them on our backs. The “world wide web” has already democratized society and Internet interconnectivity has become quite competent at coalescing the intelligence and skills of people all over the planet. In essence, the world has become small enough to self-govern.

The populations within each bioregion should concentrate on making wise decisions respective of the need to protect its natural security. The armed forces would then take on the role of supporting natural security and directly by overseeing needs of the earth. Our planetary civilization unifies when its people put our earths’ needs first.

I envision a global rapture of soul love that emerges as a deeper respect for nature arises. It is a love that evokes a co-operative spirit everywhere. The commons (or “green” as it used to be called) should be revived to serve as a botanical museum that informs the populace of the best practices for each bioregion. Schools help augment our natural security at every level of study with real, dignified work: Collecting recyclables (primary school), resale (middle school), the planting of foraging forests (high school), and managing seed banks (college).


Paradise is nothing but a grand landscaping job.

Service is love made real. Every person should be encouraged to ask their inner souls to remind them of the specific service they came here to provide. The dignity of such work has no parallel in deep satisfaction. Those who have the means should help those who serve the spirit as those who serve the spirit must serve those who have the means. Teachers could be selected based on their ability to inculcate service into their students, and cultivators would be given full respect.


When we focus on the work of living creatively together and re-imagine the world in love and at play, the creative IQ of the average person increases to what it could be. We develop a better understanding of creation and of beauty. We can reintegrate singing into work, and conscious breathing as a way to stay more aware.

About ten years ago I undertook an experiment to create an integral home, farm, family, shire, and botanical wonderland all on the same three acres. We are now a dozen people called family of choice, we provide for half of our food from the land, we live inside a botanical sanctuary with edible landscaping and agro-forests, dwell in little portable style homes that could easily be in a Tolkein-like shire movie, and conduct trading style commerce with the people in our town. Our love is a soulbased love which has lots of emotionally intimate moments and tons of creative explosions in our amphi-theatre and barn/loft house. We play music and sing together and we build what we need like the Amish barn raising ethic.

We also work and travel about the world as we like and communicate our findings as social architects to many thousands of people on nine websites, eighty youtube videos, skype, a facebook village of 1600, and a virtual world called second life. Our local global village is a walking town with no traffic lights, but on Friday you can eat at five places, hear music in three and dance in two, without ever moving your car. We call that a micropolitan zone. The Bhutanese approach to having a gross national objective of happiness is a lesson to us all.

The United Nations blue helmets have just completied planting the seventh billion tree in their campaign for armies to help recover the forests. We need thirty times that effort and this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding the military’s role in repairing our bioregions and ultimately our biosphere. New forests will increase oxygen production for the atmosphere.

Warrior Monk

Our Armies can tend the land, the Navies tend the sea, the Marines tend the coastlines and the Air Forces monitor natural security progress with satellites and deliver emergency rescue supplies worldwide. They already have the service ethic, the organization, the transportation, the communication, the survey tools, the aerial photography, the tent cities, the people, the food, a paycheck, and most of all the will to do something difficult as a matter of challenge. Together with selected school kids as an augmenting force of hands, this global recovery campaign could take less than ten years.

Remember the Marshall plan, when soldiers from eleven nations repaired most of Europe after WWII? Well, it is a perfect lesson in recent history of just such a force in action with local civil authorities on hand to guide the work. I speak of this effort as a break-thru in beginning the massive job of unifying and repairing the Earth. It could be launched within months.

The army is perfect to head up the replanting efforts. Army officers are trained civil engineers. They could as well oversee the cutting of large canals to move rising seawater back into desert depressions that are lower than sea level. The added benefit of having high school kids in this mix is their connection to the land and the projects, and the pride of accomplishment associated with real physical efforts. Our digital kids are going to reinhabit old small farms and bring them back to life with an extended family of choice.

The navy can easily oversee fishing and simultaneously help position new seaborn hatcheries. The largest naval vessels could collect the ocean’s floating plastic and become a makeshift refinery to recycle the plastic back into fuel.

The Marines are equipped with amphibious tools and can support the recovery of the coral reefs, create the conditions for new reefs, and then attend the inland wetlands in order to preserve the life that lives there. They could also refit islands with water catchment for the specific purpose of creating sanctuaries for refugees who have lost ground by rising seas or are bereft of their homes during natural disasters.

The Air Force owns the capacity to scan the earth for all kinds of purposes related to the steady improvement of all conditions. They can help map the working areas of the ground and sea teams using a huge array of sensors. There is also a large fleet of cargo aircraft that could respond to global disasters by transporting complete refugee camps all equipped with the latest renewable energy sources to provide entertainment and education on call.

And, oil companies can deliver fresh water or other liquids besides oil. They are, after all, liquid transportation companies. In my world game plan we can manage this shift without reshuffling the population or the basic infrastructures that already exist. The secret is to involve everybody in the dream while not uprooting the industrial infrastructure that already exists and has helped us connect the world. Let’s reengage culture and nature again and take this planet straight to paradise.

GO Planet!

Author: Jim Channon

Source: http://www.superconsciousness.com/topics/environment/jim-channons-vision#sthash.P5KlEVGy.dpuf