We believe all are Born mentally Free with the power to embrace, generate and share Pure Love, Light and Truth.

The fact is that soon after we’re born, many of us are entered into a system of slavery, mental slavery, debt slavery and other attrocities, a system that has imposed it’s rule over humanitys better intelligence for far too long.

This is the time we are now waking up. Waking up to the reality of how this system around us works. We’re Waking up and Asking questions.. seeking the answers and finding the Truth….

The Truth is powerful and Our choices are powerful with it.

To change the current world paradigm, to seek a better future more in line with our planetary and galactic environment, to catapult forward in our thoughts and actions and take a stand right here and now for Our Collective Freedom is to Be Extra-ordinary, is to use our natural given ability to empower ourselves and future generations to get FREE from this system and never allow ourselves to be led astray again. We have the potency to generate and realize a new world reality based on that pure love, light, creativity and truth within us all.

In this global time we realise that we are a part of the whole and that we must reclaim our Freedoms in order to Free our collective future.

And so we continue to shape music for this movement, for the battle and the fight for People Power over profits, Justice over Greed, Freedom over Slavery… We have the power to choose our future path, we just have to realize our true self and reclaim that power….

One Love Always >>>>

In Solidarity xBKB