The Story of Our Origins

The Origins of Our Planetary Animal Mother

Totally identified with the life-processes of the planet “She” has become, the “Fallen Goddess” now embodies the world she dreamed, where the human species emerges and proceeds to live out a divine experiment, the unfolding of a cosmic singularity.

But not quite as “She” dreamed it…

The organic planet is captured in an inorganic system >>>

The Living Divine Presence of Gaia Sophia which is currently existing in the Earth, pre-existed the Earth.

Gaia is a Living Goddess who existed before she was Gaia.

The material body of the Planet is simply the garment or clothing of a Divine Being who came from the Galactic Centre.

The Gnostics called the Galactic Centre “The Pleroma” – a molten core of this white, stellar luminosity.

We can witness the origin of the Earth as a soft white luminosity pouring from the Planet…

That is the experience of attaining the Holy Grail.

The “Organic Light” is the pure, non-materialised “Stellar Luminosity” of the “Divine Being called Sophia”, and it is still present and co-exists in the Earth with the part of “Her” that turned into the material body of the Earth.


: The Gnostic Warning :
[1800 B.C.]

The Archontic Parasites inhabiting the zones of the Solar-System outside of the Earth achieved a major “penetration” into the Human Mind.

“They” made that “penetration” into the minds of a Semetic Tribe in the Middle-East. And “They” achieved the “Archontic Infection” of the Human Mind.

It was not only an “ideological infection” – the “Alien Mindset”, but it was also “neurological infection” …

There was a “Neural Hack” into the Human Species.

The Archontic Infection is pandemic on this planet, and it threatens the life of All Humans on this Planet… and it does threaten the possibility to have a sane society of co-existence on this planet.

The “Archons” are an extra-terrestrial Species that exist exterior to the Earth but within the Solar System… “They” existed before the earth appeared. Before Sophia turned into the Earth and before Humanity emerged on the Earth… “They” actually formed the Solar-System as their habitat…

And then the Earth emerged within the Solar-System…

Planet Earth, which is alive and includes the Moon and the Sun as part of its dynamic, is not part of the other Planets of the System… it is “captured” in an “inorganic system”.

There are 2 types of “Archons”

1. “Dracon”: = Reptilian – The Overlord

2. “Houhaih”: = Alien “Grey” – like “cyborg drones” that behave with a hive-like mentality

These “Archons” prey upon Humanity in various ways…

“They” are physical, energetic and infra-psychic

“They” have the ability to penetrate into the Human Psyche…

“They” are extremely dangerous Predators.

As far as their physical existence occurs, they inhabit the inorganic planets of the Solar-System. They are like technicians and engineers of the inorganic planets.
Because the Archons are not organic, they cannot live within the atmosphere of the Earth. So they hover around the Earth and attempt to penetrate into the Earth by…
• “Abducting Souls by night”… making forays into the atmosphere of the Earth, they cannot stay within the atmosphere for very long, that is why “they” cannot invade the Earth… Oxygen is toxic to their systems.
• As Energetic Beings they can attack the Earth viciously, and they have done so for centuries. They do this primarily through entering our minds in a kind of a “remote-viewing technique” and by using technologies that inspire Human Beings to create the very technologies by which “They” – The Archons – can take us over with…
• We are actually in their “Service”.
• They have an ability to give us their “Mind”

A “nahual” is a Gnostic Shaman who can detect the “Archons” and can repel them. It is someone who can encounter the “Flyers” and see how “They” operate on us parasitically through their capacity to give us their “Mind-set” – a “Foreign Installation”.


The Gnostics warned that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are an “Alien” or “Foreign Installation” in the Human Mind.


[ Instruction by the Light ]

Telestic Shamanism

Ecstatic Cognition
The Method of the Mysteries


If you want to “know”, really want to “know”, that is to become a “Gnostic”… How the Earth Originated… How the Human species itself was created, how the genome was designed…

If you want to know who are these Archontic, Extra-terrestrial Parasites and how the “They” originated, where “They” exist, how “They” operate against Humanity…

If you want to know All that…

There is only one way you can actually “know it” directly…

And that is by entering ecstatic trance and “Knowing it” in a state of ecstasy.

There are 3 Methods of reaching the level of Ecstasy where you can “know” things as the Gods “know” them…

On the level of a Divine Intelligence…

It is imperical, not speculative.

1. Sacred Dance & Movement
2. Sacred Sexuality : In sex your senses & your intelligence can be heightened & honed to an extraordinary degree
3. Psycho-active Plants : When you “know” what the Gnostics did, when you “respect” that they had a reliable and verifiable “method” , then you may consider that using that “method” would lead to the “correct use” of psycho-active plants… psycho-active plants can be used in incorrect ways – which has led to much confusion.


The correct way to use psycho-active plants is in the presence of nature, in a wild part of nature… not in a city, not in a suburb, not in an apartment… but to stand in the presence of nature and natural beauty with your “eyes open”…

To not hallucinate…

To have an encounter and dialogue with…

<<< The Organic Light >>>

This is the…

<<< Telestic Method >>>


The Psycho-active plants are provided to us by the Goddess Herself as tools to consistently and deliberately reach “Her”… that is the Key.


The overwhelming “Mark” that you have genuinely encountered the <<< Organic Light >>>…


That you stand in the Presence of the Aeon Sophia…


Is that you “feel” overwhelmed with gratitude & generosity.


– JLL –