‘When The Eagle of the North, and the Condor of the South Fly within the Same Sky, The Earth will Reawaken’

My family, so big things are happening. I’m having a big fundraiser event down in Sydney on the 10th of April to support a journey into the Americas that i’m about to go on. I’ve been asked to attend and to play music at an International Elders Gathering in the Americas called The Eagle, Quetzal, & Condor Gathering, where many nations are gathering to fulfill a prophecy that states ‘When The Eagle of the North, and the Condor of the South Fly within the Same Sky, The Earth will Reawaken’

This gathering is one of the most purposeful callings I’ve had with my music, and then it all started expanding into tours, and more callings in how I can help in the Americas. Though I need support on my journey and travels to share the songs…


And then ‘The United’ was born, which is an artists collective of amazing musicians, artists and dancers that I’ve met on my travels with pure intention and embrace. There will be art installations supporting the coming together of nations, dance to embrace the same, and music that supports the conscious evolution to bring all together and sing the songs!
So on the 10th Of April, we’re having a big gathering over in Scratch Art Space in Marrickville. The art Gallery will open at 5pm and then 7:30pm will start the Music and Dance. If you’d like to bring any offerings you’d like to take to the Elders gathering, bring them, bring any messages, or gifts if it calls. Let’s link up Australia and America.
It’s a 20$ Contribution, and it’s going to be an amazing night.
I’m also looking to do some video messages to collaborate and bring together into a presentation that can be shared. Looking for anyone wanting to share 30 Second message to find a good camera and share there message, looking to strongly share the Indigenous message so if anyone has connections to Indigenous elders that would like to be a part of it from Brisbane to Sydney, let me know.

For those looking to contribute that cant be there at the fundraiser. I’m uploading a crowd funding account online along with a new EP’ at 1PM NSW time. It’s all unfolding, thank you so much for the support. If you could share this post, that would be amazing!! Thank you to all that has supported this. Love you all so much!!

Let’s bring everyone together.

Details for the Native Gathering

Details for Fundraiser