Come and walk with us and Elijah Ray.
As we walk we will send our love out.
To all the people, to all the rocks, to all the Trees.
Come and walk, Walk with Me, we will whistle because were Free.
Look into my eyes, and I will look in yours, and we will see we are One.
Now come and Walk, oh, walk with Me. And soon we will See, we will See.
It’s all Right, it’s all going to be Alright, it is already Alright!
Share our Love, Share our Love, as we Walk.
Could you Walk, walk with Me.
Together we can dance
And feel so Free!

A prodigious composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, recording artist and spiritual teacher, Elijah Ray is known for his pioneering heart and transformational music that crosses a wide scope of genres…from funky, danceable tunes and soul-moving ballads, to sound healing and emotionally evocative soundtracks. His shining presence, gritty soul, and message of love invite the listener into an experience of what it is to be an awakening human. His spiritual messages of authenticity and the power of community have transformed audiences internationally, and many are calling his music the “soundtrack of the awakening.” Both mystical and raw, Elijah’s charisma and musical prowess draws his audience into life’s nectar–spiritual, sexy, sweaty, gritty, and ecstatic. Elijah has single handedly crafted a full band sound on most of his “Band of Light” albums, playing most of the instruments and arranging many of the tracks himself. He has also mastered the art of solo touring–a troubadour with his guitar, vocal repertoire of percussion, horns, and bass, and a loop pedal, crafting everything from hip-hop to pop to soul.
Over the past 13 years, Elijah has played and collaborated with countless acclaimed artists and musicians. A few of which he’s shared the stage with are: Jesse Carmichael (Maroon 5) Graham Nash, Andre Manga (Paul Simon) Ben Stiller, Donovon Frankenreiter, G Love, Brett Dennon, Bushwalla, the Luminaries, Tina Malia, Youssouphe Sidibe, Tubby Love, Jay ‘Bird” Koder, Michael Ruff, and many more.

Elijah has been featured in documentaries such as Indigo Evolution, and Living in Light, alongside such luminaries as Neale Donald Walsh, Dr. Matsuro Emoto, Doreen Virtue, Gangaji, Eli Jaxson-Bear and Panache Desai. He has cultivated an international community, www.bandoflight.ning, and plans to continue touring internationally, offering full scale concerts, sound healing sessions and workshops, soul coaching programs, and community events the world over.

To learn more about Elijah and the Band of Light and to hear his transformational music, visit www.bandoflight.us

Members: The Band of Light is Elijah Ray, and a rotating cast of Band Members from around the world….including YOU! If you are living and breathing, growing and flowing…you’re totally in the Band!
Genre: Soul Shine Music – a delicious blend of soul, world, funk, gospel, reggae, folk, hip hop, and so on…it’s new. It’s you. It’s the Band of Light.
Hometown: Galactic Center