: S P I R I T S O U N D A N C E S T O R S P A C I F I C T R I B E :

These images are all REAL LIFE things happening in my universe now:

I always wondered what would be happening in the magical caldera by the time my friend Elijah Ray arrived to Byron Bay…. since the wind called me to him (literally) like a pied piper to the magic, in the desert of Arizona in 2012, ( It was the week of the VENUS TRANSIT) ….

Well +Elijah- and the Band of Light is here bringing us the sound light from the great beyond, and theres some BIG magic going on here in beautiful Byron Bay.. Make sure you don’t miss the BAND OF LIGHT experience while Elijah is in town..

THE PACIFIC VILLAGE is emerging beautifully , you’re ALL invited, stay tuned @ Pacific Earth School as we do something together that the world has never seen.. Earthwalk is on the horizon later this year in the ANCIENT LAND DOWN UNDER, an ancient being has arrived to our journey in the form of a millennia old fossilised tree – its SOOOOO OLD its lived through geological ages and forces so ancient and powerful that it’s completely fossilised with a crystal quartz centre where once upon a time, water and sunlight flowed through the veins of this ancient one. How it came to me is a beautiful story to be told around the fire when the PACIFIC VILLAGE OPENS.. My beautiful LA LA Victoria Larnach is pioneering a new generation of Ethical beautiful fashion for our tribe so we can all LIVE our deep care for the earth by what we wear and I am totally excited about all the amazing textiles creativity we will be weaving into the Earth School Programs…

Finally LAST NIGHT was a truly epic experience for our Local tribe when a spontaneous and private pre-tour rehearsal was called by Xavier Rudd – Official and the United Nations to test the SOUNDS and SONGS before they begin their Tour in a few days.. words cannot do justice to what was shared and I’ve made a little visual tribute to the power in the space last night.. ..

: BIG LOVE : TO you all on your journey and full power to your message of peace, responsible earth custodianship and the tribe power when nations :unite: 
We are honoured.. bobby Alu – THAT was unbelievable percussion and Chris Lane you have been a living legend for a long time in my life.. (nearly 20 years – holy cow)

To all the legendary musicians of the UNITED NATIONS you are doing something VERY special here and your intention is deeply felt.. The commitment to Mother EARTH through your music is a challenge to all to rise up.. you nailed it.. heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon ..http://www.xavierrudd.com/

ALL of this adds up to this one epic Ultra KultureVili Kraljevic has showed up with the genius to match my vision and its all ON..