FACES OF WHITE PEOPLE : Coming soon to a theater near you : ARYAN – The Movie :


Hello to all,

Talk to me about white genocide and say it’s not an issue.

I know that this topic is difficult for many people — but I could not resist passing on this clip sent by a loyal student of PT. All these faces are stunning, one after the other, and the expressions carry stories that cannot die, must not die.

Among the faces, 1:03 is an striking example of pure Aryan stock. She could be from 5000 years ago, living at the court of Krishna at the dawn of Kali Yuga. I remember faces like that…

In future I will cite this clip to underscore the argument I am developing about “white genocide.” Perhaps these images will persuade some of you to be more receptive to that subject. But I do not intend merely to talk about the problem, however. I intend to show how “race” and “racism” are part of the solution. A crucial part.

Coming soon to a theater near you ARYAN – The Movie. I dare you to dare me to write it.

I welcome your thoughts and emotions on this material.

in love and courage,